SMH: Shady Ohio Cop Shoots Photographer After He Started Filming Traffic Stop

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Cop Shoots Photographer With NO WARNING After Claiming Camera Looked Like Gun

What in the world? This cop needs his eyes checked and a nice little desk job if he’s out here thinking cameras and tripods are guns. That’s what The Washington Post is reporting they allegedly “thought”. Cops allegedly shot at a newspaper photographer named Andy Grimm who they say was setting up to photograph a storm passing by. The fishy part: they blasted bullets in Grimm’s direction after he started to film a traffic stop nearby. No warning at at.

Andy Grimm, a photographer for the New Carlisle News, left the office at about 10 p.m. to take pictures of lightning when he came across a traffic stop and decided to take photos, according to the paper’s publisher, Dale Grimm.

“He said he got out, parked under a light in plain view of the deputy, with a press pass around his neck,” Grimm told The Washington Post. “He was setting up his camera, and he heard pops.”


Clark County Sheriff’s Deputy Jake Shaw did not give ANY warnings before he fired, striking Andy Grimm on the side, according to the reports. WHY would they just shoot at this man with out saying a word? Sound ridiculous.

Grimm’s dad says he’s not upset after the ordeal.

“On behalf of our entire family, we thank you for all of the kind messages. One other thing. Please don’t mean mouth the deputy. Andy said he doesn’t want Jake to lose his job over this,”

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