Jason Whitlock’s Latest Colin Kaepernick Stunt Shows That He’s Not Too Big To Tap Dance Like A Lightweight

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Jason Whitlock Outdoes Himself

Colin Kaepernick has raised the ire of many Americans for his protests during the National Anthem. Surprisingly a lot of those people he’s offended are black men who happen to be sitting at the Fox Sports 1 desks. Everyone from Ray Lewis to Michael Vick have blasted Kaep for everything from his protest to his hair.

One such man who has been relentless in his insults has been the life-size swollen ankle that is Jason Whitlock. Whitlock has claimed, if you recall, that black people don’t face real racism if they’re rich. Which, come on, man. So he’s taken things a step further now by having some guy come on the show dressed as Kaep.

Only Whitlock could think of a stunt like this, especially since the man dressing like Kaep doesn’t appear to be African-American, even though Whitlock assures everyone he isn’t white, for whatever it’s worth.

Now you know Twitter came for his neck over this and rightfully so. We’re not ones to call for anyone’s job but really how long can Fox Sports have this guy on the air and claim to be anywhere close to legitimate? Take a look at the dragging.

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