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The ladies wept…

Y’lan Noel Speaks On Not Having Social Media

A number of fans of HBO’s “Insecure” have been scrambling to find the social media handles of actor Y’lan Noel only to discover that they don’t exist.

Noel who brings fine azz peen puddin’ splattering Daniel to life, has since spoken out and revealed why he’s so private—and it’s much simpler than you’d imagine.

According to the actor who spoke with The Fader, he’s just “too boring” for social media and his IG would be “weak.”

“It’s organic,” said Noel. “I like social media, it just doesn’t agree with me. I’m just a monk, I’m like a recluse. I like it for other people though. I’m not interested in people being interested in me. They’d be mad at me,” he added. “It would be pictures of wheatgrass smoothies and National Geographic polar bears. It would be the weakest Instagram known to man.”

Weaaaaak? There are a plethora of ladies who’d surely disagree.

He also told the publication about originally auditioning for Lawrence and “vibrating” more with his character at the first audition…

“I read for both of them but Lawrence was the person I was more interested in playing at first,” said Noel. “We only had the first script. Lawrence, even though he was sort of a bum, I felt like he reminded me of where I was at that time in my life to be honest. I didn’t have my own space and independence. I was in a transitional time , in the same way Lawrence was. I was trying to figure out what was next. Daniel seemed a lot more confident and more in his bag than I was. It didn’t vibrate with me at first.”

Tara Ziemba/Getty Images

but ultimately added that he relates to Daniel. He also revealed that his favorite character is Lawrence’s joke cracking bestie Chad.”

“He’s [Daniel] kind of offbeat the same way I’m offbeat,” said Noel. “He’s too quick to forgive people that he really likes, romantic or familial. I’m the same way. He’s sincere. Now, my favorite character is Chad. He’s hilarious,” he added. “The way his mind is set up he has different tangential thoughts and he’s saying it all. He says the things that I’m thinking. He can talk about Issa’s edges. That’s Chad. [With] Issa, I relate to her search. I relate to her trying to figure things out and probably taking the wrong turns to do that. She doesn’t know she’s searching.

Tara Ziemba/Getty Images

On a scale of 1 to season 1 Lawrence, how sad are you that Y’lan Noel doesn’t have social media???



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