Hide Your Kids: Georgia Police Shoot & Kill Tiger On The Loose

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Animal behavior…

Georgia Police Kill Tiger

A wayward tiger that wandered around Henry County, GA was taken down by police this morning. According to 11Alive, authorities shut down an exit ramp from Jodeco Road to Interstate 75 because of reports that the tiger was on the loose on the interstate.

The tiger reportedly jumped a fence at a nearby home to chase after a dog and officers had to put it down to protect residents.

No word yet on where the wild creature came from, but the owner of the dog who almost became Tony’s last meal spoke with the news station about the incident.

“I poked my head out the front door and then one of the officers yelled at me to get back inside, which is fine I just went to the back window to check on my dog just to see what was going on back there, and looked to the right,” said Brittany Speck.

“If you’re looking out my back window in the dining room, you can see my entire backyard and then you can also see the neighbor’s backyard and they have a vacant van back here in their backyard and I saw a tiger. It was a tiger on the far side, closest to my house.”

Can you imagine looking out your window and seeing a tiger??? How would you react???

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