Mel B Says Stephen BelaFAUXnte Set The Nanny Up With A Green Card Husband So They Could Keep Smashing And Stealing Her Money

- By Bossip Staff

Mel B Says Stephen Belafonte Arranged A Sham Marriage For Their Nanny

This is the hot messiest divorce that ever was.

So now, Mel B has filed papers aiming to prove that hubby Stephen Belafonte and nanny/three-way sex partner Lorraine Gilles, have been plotting to take her down the entire time.

According to TMZ, Mel B claims that Belafonte and Gilles had sex multiple times behind her back, despite the nanny’s own claims that they only had sex as a team with Mel B’s involvement. Mel points out that Gilles had sex twice with Belafonte around the time that she became pregnant and had an abortion, though she claims the baby didn’t belong to Belafonte anyway.

Furthermore, she says Belafonte arranged a fake-azz marriage for Gilles to convicted criminal Michael Bleau so that she could remain in the country once her work visa for them ran out. This way the two could keep smashing and keep up their plots to rob Mel B blind and extort her with sex tapes they filmed as a trio. Proof? Bleau’s own claims that he only spent $30 on Ebay for Gilles’ engagement ring.

Whew! This one may take some time to resolve, especially since it seems that Belafonte was a scammer to the highest degree and hired the scammiest freakiest nanny he could find.


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