4th & Wrong: Iowa High School Footballers On The Junior Varsity KKK Team Tote Guns In Viral Pic

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Iowa High Schoolers In KKK Outfits Burn Crosses And Hold Gun For Pic

These lil’ bastards are probably all virgins talkin’ bout who they hate and who has the “power”.

Five members of the Creston Community High School football team have been kicked off after they set fire to a cross, donned KKK unis and held up guns in a photo that circulated around the social media feeds of their community.

Folks in the town told the Omaha World-Herald that the students were also suspended for a measly nine days. This wasn’t just a scary picture, these kids had GUNS. They should be EXPELLED. Let a group of Black kids dressing in Panther outfits, holding guns, get online talking about what they wanna do to wypipo! Sheeeeeit.

Kyle Smallwood is the star quarterback and also a star basketball player (he’s Black) said this to the Des Moines Register about the photo:

“I would see that kind of stuff like Charlottesville and think that’s pretty messed up,” Smallwood told the Register. “I never thought that would happen to our small town.”

“I thought these guys are my friends,” Smallwood told the Register. “I’ve been to some of their houses before. I’ve talked to them.”

Sadly, these guys are not Kyle’s friends as he thought. Star football AND basketball player?? We bet all these kids’ mommas sit around and drink tea every time he set foot in that house…

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