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George Clooney Slays Steve Bannon At Toronto Film Festival

George Clooney isn’t just a fine distinguished actor, he’s also accomplished at reading a racist Republican for filth. While promoting his new film “Suburbicon” at the Toronto Film Fest Friday, Clooney talked about his role as a social disruptor and revealed how much he revels in irking Steve Bannon and his ilk.

Via Daily Mail:

‘I like that Breitbart News wants to have my head. I’d be ashamed 10 years from now if those weaselly little putzes, whose voices are getting a lot higher every week as this presidency starts to look worse and worse weren’t still [after me],’ he said.

‘Steve Bannon is a failed f***ing screenwriter, and if you’ve ever read [his] screenplay, it’s unbelievable. Now, if he’d somehow managed miraculously to get that thing produced, he’d still be in Hollywood, still making movies and licking my a** to get me to do one of his stupid-a** screenplays.’

PURE COMEDY… Clooney just flamed Bannon.

Besides politics, Bannon’s background includes a history of producing and financing Hollywood films and documentaries, but the former White House chief strategist also tried his hand at screenwriting with a project described by Entertainment Weekly as “a hip-hop musical based on Shakespeare’s Coriolanus that takes place in early 1990s Los Angeles.”

Crazy right. If it was Spike Lee writing then maybe, but this had to have been trash coming from Bannon.

In any case, Clooney is confident that he’s doing the right part by speaking out. He added,

‘Hollywood is being quite well represented right now in the West Wing somehow,’ Clooney said.

‘You know, they say I’m out of touch. You want to call me a Hollywood liberal? Come at me. I sold ladies shoes, I sold insurance door to door, I worked at an all-night liquor store, I cut tobacco for a living.

‘I can change the fan belt on my car. I grew up in that world in Kentucky. I know every bit of that world, and I know my friends and what they believe. And I know this is not a moment in our history that we’ll look back and be proud of. So if I’m not standing on the side I believe to be right, I’d be ashamed,’ he added.



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