Kandi Does Wendell Williams Show and Talks About her Favorite Housewife NeNe…

- By Bossip Staff

RHOA Kandi Burruss has been on a NYC media run this whole week.  Kandi did Good Day New York today and hit up the Wendy Williams Show yesterday as a guest host.  Pop the hood to see her and Wendell’s first encounter.

Kandi talked about everything from her infamous fight with NeNe to why she isn’t too high class to be an Atlanta Housewife:

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  • tb

    I really hate her hair.

  • Winona

    Love Kandi. She is my favorite housewife! And the only one with real money!

  • Supply

    Team Kandi. NeNe was out of line last night. I could not believe she cut up like that. Mad because Kim don’t want her on the song, how about she made fun of the girl. Now the song is hot, she mad and want to get on…please. Then she lies and tells Kandi she doesn’t talk bad about her, lies. Can’t stand NeNe.

  • RYAN D


  • Winona

    Hey Hannibal,
    Sick day?

  • erica

    Kandi is a dumb ass

  • http://www.myspace.com/musicman2486 LA

    NE NE got on my last nerve last night, she used to be my favorite and she just an ignorant ghetto mess that let this 15 min of fame get to her head! She thinks she is the shyt now and Kandi put her in her place!

  • really.....

    YAY KANDI!!! LUV HER…I think shes just a caring person with a good heart and AJ is taking advantage of that…but i do agree with Wendy she’s a little too good to be on the show

  • http://www.myspace.com/musicman2486 LA

    Oh yeah and wassup with Kandi taking care of AJ’s kids?? And she is not even with him anymore?? That’s a good way of showing him responisibility by taking his away from him?? DUMB!!! you look like an idiot! Sorry Kandi but AJ is getting over on you hunny, and probably still tappin that a** when he comes to visit the child.

  • Wowser

    That photo is so revealing…look at how Wendell, the chick wit’ a #ick is looking an Kandi….like she could slop up her in any minute.

  • I'm such a Lady!!!!

    Kandi is the best on that show!!!!! she has class, respect for herself and others and she ain’t trashy

  • LaRoni

    Kandi is my fave……Nene is just out the gutter.

  • KayKay

    I love Kandi. I wish people would stop calling her hood. I don’t see nothing hood about her. A little country but not hood.

  • t

    kandi is so pretty

  • HoneySuckleGirl (KEEP ME NEAR THE CROSS....LOL)

    Ne Ne was out of line. Ne Ne is loud and ghetto herself so she need to stop fakin. Ne Ne sound country too.

  • Adrienne

    Kandi is my fav, too!!!

  • carmen pace

    The RHOA are all a mess, especially that KIM how did she ever get on this program. BRAVO you should be ashame

  • wash ya ass

    NeNe is a ghetto mutt. she will do ANYTHING for a buck and a little camera time.

  • soirrelevant

    Team Kandi =)

    Ne Ne just needs to sit down and shut the hell up. She acts like people wanna hear her mouth all the damn time. ugh…she makes me sick

  • http://lisalisa602003@yahoo.com leelee

    I like Kandi, but yeah her
    voice and smile is annoying.

  • Nick in Atl

    Uggghh- the first 30 seconds of that irritated the shyt outta me!!

  • Shondaj

    I like Kandi, she’s a hardworker with money to back her up. She’s a very caring person. I think AJ isn’t the guy for her. He has not quite matured. What idiot would leave their children with a women that he isn’t married too. He claims he takes care of them. NOT!!!!!! NeNe is jealous of Kandi.. If anyone is ghetto, it’s NeNe herself. Kandi is country, but not ghetto. She a down south country girl with a big heart. I’m glad that she put Mrs. NeNe in her place. Someone should have done it along time ago. Yeah 4 Kandi!!!!!!

  • HoneySuckleGirl (KEEP ME NEAR THE CROSS....LOL)

    LOL @ There are 4 people in this world that if I ever met them I would slap…..Nene, Shaq, Joe Jackson, and Al Sharpton!!!

    Maybe I missed it or something but how did Lisa start anything last night. All I heard her say was that she knows how it feels to be stuck in the middle???

  • http://bossip miss dior

    Still Team Nene, i think was pissed because the two-faced Kim wanted her on the song in the beginning, sooner or later Kim will reveal her true colors to Kandi.

  • you'll is a dumb

    kandi gets on my nerves

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