Guy Tweets Picture Of Sandpaper Steak And Gets Dragged Back To The Dollar Tree Meat Aisle

- By Bossip Staff


Guy Tweets Picture Of A Steak Dryer Than A Popeye’s Biscuit And Gets Dragged

Make one mistake on Twitter, and people you’ve never seen before will be on your head. That’s exactly what happened to this dude, who tried to flex on his TL, somehow comparing him and his boo’s steak dinner to everyone else talking about the new iPhone release.

Aside from the fact that he made a comparison with no relevancy to anything, people saw the picture of this man’s sad plate of meat and potatoes and went all the way in. Beef jerky, spare tire, an elephant ear…the comparisons for this sorry excuse for  steak are truly endless. Hit the flip to see this guy get dragged back to the farm this steak was once raised on.

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