#BlackGirlMagic: Meet The 11-Year-Old Who Just Became The Youngest Designer To Debut At NYFW

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Kheris Rogers Speaks On Flexin’ In My Complexion

Kheris Rogers is an inspiration. At just 11-years-old she’s a designer with so much #BlackGirlMagic that it took her to New York Fashion Week where she became the youngest person EVER to have a runway show.

Kheris first caught the eye of Alicia Keys who shared her Flexin’ In My Complexion brand to her 10.9 million followers.


Since then Kheris has been on a mission to spread positivity and battle colorism a thread at a time.

BOSSIP recently chatted with the young mogul about her amazing endeavors and her brand; check it out below and get inspired.

What was it like debuting at Fashion Week?

“Debuting at New York Fashion Week was AMAZING! Even though I was the youngest designer, the other designers did not treat me any differently.

Flexin’ In My Complexion went down the runway in two shows and they both were sold out. It was just an amazing feeling to see so many people supporting.”

What’s it like being an entrepreneur at just 11-years-old?

“Being an entrepreneur at just 11 years old is exciting especially since I’m doing what I am passionate about.

I am just glad that I am able to inspire others that you are never young to chase your dreams and to always stand up for what you believe in no matter what age you are.”

What do you want people to learn from your Flexin’ In My Complexion brand?

“I started Flexin’ In My Complexion because in school I was getting bullied for my skin tone. In the 1st grade, I went to a school where there were only 4 other black children in my classroom. The other kids did not want to play with me or be my friend because of how dark my skin was.

When I transferred to a more diverse school, I was now being teased by people in my own race. I was getting called names like “burnt biscuit”, “dead roach”, and [was told] that I have been in the oven too long.

Going through that inspired me to begin Flexin’ In My Complexion because black comes in so many shades and they all are beautiful. What I want people to learn from my brand is that beauty has nothing to do with what is on the outside. What is on the inside is what counts.”

Now if that isn’t Black Girl Magic, then we don’t know what is.

Check out more of beautiful little Kheris and her Flexin’ In My Complexin brand on the flip.


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