Sarah Huckabee-Sanders says ESPN should fire Jemele Hill over Trump

1600 STFU Avenue: White House Secretary Of Sycophancy Demands ESPN Fire Jemele Hill

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White House Calls For Jemele Hill’s Firing Over Trump Tweets

The never-ending string of White House stooges has done some pretty egregious things in their short tenure inside 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., but this is REALLY over-stepping their boundaries.

Today, during the daily press briefing, Donald Trump, pit bull in a pantsuit, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, responded to “influential African-American sportscaster” Jemele Hill’s series of truth-telling tweets with the following:

That’s correct ladies and gentlemen, the White House, which is essentially owned by the citizens of this country, is demanding that a private citizen be fired for criticizing their Grand Wiz-…we mean, boss.

Donald and his band of merry bootlickers SURE do have a Jones for giving people the pink slip.

Perhaps Sarah and the rest of the Trump shoe-shiners should listen to another “influential African-American” woman:

This Trump ‘Merica is wild. SMFH.

Black folks really do have Jemele’s back though. Peep the reactions on the flipper.

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