NYC Clowns Plan Protest Because The Movie “IT” Is Effing With Their Image And Livelihood

- By Bossip Staff

Professional Clowns Protest The Movie “IT”

Clowns of NYC are fighting back against the stigma that they’re scary children-eaters…by banding together for an aggressive public display.

According to NBC 4 New York, a professional clown organization is sick and tired of folks sprinting in the other direction on sight of them since the movie “IT,” based on the horror novel by Steven King, hit the box office and started smashing records and causing nightmares.

Local clown businesses are reporting multiple cancellations within the last two weeks since buzz around the movie reached a fever pitch, and they’re pointing their fingers at the film’s scary-azz ad campaign of billboards and commercial TV spots for spooking kids and concerned parents away from booking clowns at their parties.

A group of local clowns plan to rally outside of the Regal Cinema at NYC’s Union Square on Thursday evening, with hopes of bringing awareness to their plight and letting the public know they’re friendly and here to bring joy…not demon entities who bite off arms and feed on the deep-seeded fears of the young.

We’re not sure if a bunch of clowns gathered outside of a theater showing “IT” will prove to bring awareness to their plight, or just great free marketing for the film. But if you live in NYC and have a fear of clowns, you might want to stay away from Union Square tomorrow.


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