Insufferable Wannabe-Woke Rapper Russ Calls Out Joe Budden On New Track

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Russ Lets Off Joe Budden Diss, Budden Doesn’t Care

Though many in the music community knew Russ for his music, everyone recently got to know his personality due to his appearance on Complex’s Everyday Struggle. He spent the entire interview championing himself and later disrespecting the moderator Nadeska, then calling her “emotional” for responding.

Basically, a majority of those who watched realized that Russ is pretentious, especially for someone so fresh to the music industry. Joe Budden doesn’t attend the Friday tapings of the program, so he wasn’t in the building for Russ’ display of annoyance. The following Monday, Joe returned to the program to say that the “Pull The Trigger” rapper would have never gotten away with his antics had he been in the building.

All of that leads up to this, Russ “dissing” Budden, a self-proclaimed retired rapper. He released a song to Soundcloud on Wednesday both denouncing drug use and throwing a shot at Joe.  The line says, “This ain’t no average Joe shit, this is everyday Russell/Joe got a day job, that’s an everyday struggle.”

Russ thinks Joe should respond, but Joe simply doesn’t care. He’s retired.

People have been going in on Russ for his “How much xans and lean do you have to do before you realize you’re a f—ing loser” shirt all week, so a song about the same subject is just icing on the cake.

I wouldn’t hold your breath for a Joe Budden response to a beat, but he’ll probably talk some more ish on Everyday Struggle on Thursday.

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