South Park Is Byke And Their First Order Of Business Is Spoofing The Charlottesville Protests

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South Park Is Already Commenting On Charlottesville

South Park’s 21st season premiered on Wednesday night, and the first episode is entitled “White People Renovating Houses,” which throughout the episode alludes to last month’s Charlottesville protests.

Instead of waving their Confederate flags, white nationalists are protesting in order to win back their jobs from machines–in this case, personal, digital assistants (ie Amazon Alexa and Google Home). Many people on Twitter said that their digital assistants were set off dozens of times throughout the episode, something Southpark creators undoubtedly aimed for.

Last month, the show’s creators spoke of the challenges of satirizing the Trump era, and told the Hollywood Reporter that they are not “actively putting in” presidential satire this season, “but we are not actively leaving it out. It’s the world we live in.” This first episode already nods to Trump’s stupidity last month when character Randy comments on hurt from “both sides”and proposes a twist of an employment truce.

South Park is known for their ability to quickly churn out satirical commentary, so it’s not surprising that their first episode back was about Charlottesville. The rest of the season is sure to have more political content based on the state of our country, so maybe that’s something to look forward to, at least.

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