Moniece The Scammer? Love & Hip Hop Star Accused Of Faking Checks To Pay Her Rent

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Moniece Slaughter Taken To Court Over Check Scam

Moniece Slaughter is being taken to court over scamming checks. Kind of.

Now, before we judge Moniece too harshly, this man’s story doesn’t make the most sense. So let’s unpack this one.

Apparently, according to TMZ, a man by the name of Timothy Clayton Roulhac-Carr says he and Moniece used to be besties, and he saved her from homelessness by funding a bank account for her.

Now here’s where it gets strange. Timothy claims that Moniece’s then boyfriend, an NBA player by the name of Joe Smith, had access to his checking account and wrote checks in Tim’s name for Monieces rent and expenses.

Now, apparently, Moniece used to date Akon and began dating him once again while still dealing with Joe. This, understandably, pissed Joe off and he canceled one of the checks he wrote out for her — from Tim’s account. He supposedly “made up a lie” and claimed that Tim had robbed him.

So, after all that was said and done, Timothy gets robbed at gunpoint last December. He believes Moniece set him up out of spite, somehow. Oh, and he claims that used her celebrity status “slander” and “gay bash” him. Overall, he wants a restraining order against her.

Of course, if Moniece is out here talking to NBA players and men as rich as Akon, it begs the question of why she would need Timothy’s monetary assistance for anything. And why would the NBA player use Timothy’s account to write checks instead of his own? And if all this was the case…why is he taking Moniece to court instead of Joe?

Of course, the judge couldn’t make much more sense of this story than the rest of us could. S/he ultimately denied the restraining order.


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