Purple Reign: Prince Knew He Was A Star Way Before Everyone Else Did

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Prince Tried To Tell Us He Was A Star From Day 1

People always look crazy talking about how successful they’re going to be before they actually reach that success, but looking back on those times is always interesting. Many often talk about a lot of the (mostly) undisputed geniuses of the music world in the same way telling stories that detail them talking themselves up and trying to tell their peers they were going to be great–but most of the time, people doubt it until you show them.

Common posted a picture this week that had all of Twitter buzzing. The photo is of Prince’s all access pass to the Rick James Tour in 1980 where he opened the show. Under position, Prince wrote “MUSICIAN/STAR,” and this was way before he was the star we all now know him to be.

As many pointed out, Prince wasn’t exactly “unknown” when opening for Rick James, and released “I Wanna Be Your Lover” the year prior, so he was growing in popularity. With that being said, the super stardom he grew into from there was unfathomable, but to Prince, he knew it was coming all along.

Many people compared this instance to Kanye West in his early days, who has documented interviews of him proclaiming thought-to-be insane ideas on his career projection that ultimately turned out to be more than true. There are just some larger-than-life personalities that know all they have with their talent, and they’re unapologetic with it. RIP Prince.

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