Jesus Take The Wheel: Heroin Overdosing Dad Pushes Kid In Stroller Down Hill

- By Bossip Staff

Man Overdoses On Son’s Stroller, Sending Him Down Hill

A Pennsylvania man who was granted visitation with his 5-year-old kid found himself in the slammer after ODing off heroin and pushing the boy down a 7 foot hill!

The Dayton Daily News is reporting that the guy, Charles Brookbank had his son strapped to the stroller while he pushed him and left him in the way of a busy intersection, pushed him into telephone poles while showing all kinds of erratic behavior according to witnesses in the area. He wasreportedly high as a kite! The man eventually collapsed over the stroller, sending himself and his son down the steep hill.

As police arrived the scene, Brookbank was completely overdosing. Police said the boy was taking to a hospital and returned to his mother, he is ok.

Yikes! The ain’t isht daddy is still in custody.

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