Bump Patrol: Usher’s Atlanta-Based Sidepiece Reveals Her Identity In $20 Million Herpes Lawsuit

- By Bossip Staff

Usher’s Accuser Reveals Her Identity

The woman who claims to have contracted herpes from Usher just earlier this year has stepped forward to reveal her identity.

Laura Helm, formerly listed as “Jane Doe” in her $20 million lawsuit against Usher for infecting her with the Herpes virus, has dropped her anonymity. We’re not exactly sure why she chose to expose her identity in this case, but here’s what she looks like:

Welp, she’s a far cry from a Quantasia Sharpton. PLUS, she actually has the virus as “proof” and insists that she did not become infected before smashing Usher earlier this year.

As we previously reported, Laura claims her run-ins with the very married crooner took place just a few short months ago, on two different occasions — both in Atlanta and in New Orleans, and both completely unprotected.

She insists that she wasn’t some groupie, but a platonic friend to the singer. She says he came at her in a romantic way, and drew her in by telling her all about his humanitarian efforts in Africa.

She says that when it came time for their encounter at her Atlanta home, Usher set the mood by performing oral sex on her while playing some smooth jazz in the background.

She is now revealing that Usher behaved oddly at the time, but she didn’t think as much of it. For one she never saw him “finish” during the act…he always scurried off to the restroom in the final moments. Shortly after their second meetup, she noticed an unusual bump inside her cheek. A few days after that, another one — the size of a grean pea, according to her description — popped up on her vaginal area.

YIKES. Sounds pretty damning, but as you know, Usher says she can’t prove that her herpes is his fault. Are you more inclined to believe Laura than some of his other accusers?


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