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Pedophiles Using Chicken Nuggets To Lure Children

According to a new report, pedophiles are going to desperate measures to lure children online. Instead of setting up profiles in chat rooms, pedophiles are apparently using social media to befriend kids.

The Irish Sun reports that Dr Maureen Griffin, who spoke at the Ennis Mental Health Association in Co Clare, stated that said sex offenders have “new and novel ways of gaining access to our children’s information” that includes social media accounts with “friendly” avatars.

Those avatars can be chicken nuggets and ice cream that children will eagerly follow and/or communicate with. The sex offenders then go through the children’s profiles and save their pictures.

“The forensic psychologist cited one “horrific” example n which a deviant set up a fake online profile as a road where a girls’ secondary school was located.

She said: “Over 400 girls at the school accepted the road as a friend.

“The owner of the account was a known, convicted sex offender who made no effort to contact the girls, he didn’t follow them or meet them or wait outside their school.

“He simply collected their photos, pictures from teenage discos, girls’ sleepovers and a range of selfies.”

SMH, this is so scary. If you have children, make sure you monitor their online behavior.



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