Oh??? Faux News’ Shepherd Smith Reminds Conservative Trump-Suckers What Kneeling Protest Is REALLY About [Video]

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Fox News Shepherd Smith Defends NFL Players’ Kneeling Protest

Trump bootlickers, conservative d-bags and willfully ignorant “patriots” CONTINUALLY frame Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling during the national anthem as “disrespecting the flag, veterans and police” despite the fact that he and NUMEROUS other ballers refute such characterization. Kneeling is about the injustice done to Blacks and other minorities in America. Period. Full stop.

You’d be hard-pressed to find many in conservative media willing to acknowledge the athlete’s true and stated rationale for protest, much less the ACTUAL issues that make them protest in the first place. But last night, an unlikely voice from the right finally spoke truthfully.

To our utter shock and surprise, Fox News anchor Shepherd Smith adamantly stated a “fair and balanced” fact. Check it out below.

“They’re not protesting the national anthem, and we’re complicit!”

If that ain’t a WORD. We won’t heap too much praise on Shep Doggy Dog for this one, no tellin’ when he may revert to being an opp. But for now, well done.

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