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Montia Sabagg Details Kevin Hart Affair

The woman at the center of the Kevin Hart cheating scandal is speaking out on her trysts with the comedian. As previously reported Montia Sabagg came forward beside her lawyer Lisa Bloom and denied trying to extort Kevin. She also denied being a stripper and insisted that she too was a victim.

Now the 26-year-old is continuing to talk, this time to The Daily Mail TV about her nights with Kevin and that “sex tape” that surfaced. According to Sabagg when the tape was filmed it was during the day when Hart was sober, not when he was drunk late at night.

Furthermore, she says she became “intimate” with Kevin hours after she rode on a private plane with him to Las Vegas alongside a group of mutual friends. After having a “connection” with him, Montia says they had sex three times.

“I was intimate with Kevin three times in the course of maybe three days. It was fun,” she recalls to The Mail. “We just get along, we get each other, he’s funny, I’m funnier. We had a connection, we had chemistry. We clicked. It was fun, he didn’t try to woo me, it was just an instant connection.”

Sabagg is also adamant that she didn’t know the comedian was married and claims that he was openly affectionate in front of their friends. She believes one of those “friends” is who’s extorting him.

“Yes we were intimate, I did not know he was married but I found out later, I was a little bit upset, confused about it because the way he was acting it didn’t seem like he was married,” said Sabagg. “We were hugging, kissing, touching and it made me believe he wasn’t married.”

Are you buying that Sabagg didn’t know Kevin was married??? He talks about his “rib” ALL the time.


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