Scurred Sissy Saints: Drew Brees Says Norleans Is Gonna Kneel BEFORE Anthem To Appease Racists

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Drew Brees Announces Saints’ Plan For National Anthem

Sir, that’s not how protesting works.

Maybe the players couldn’t come to an agreement on whether or not they wanted to kneel for the anthem….or maybe the players actually thought this was a good idea…

Drew Brees tweeted out on Friday what the New Orleans Saints were planning on doing during the National Anthem with their upcoming game at Wembley Stadium. The quarterback announced that the entire team will in fact kneel “in solidarity,” but still stand for the national anthem. Approximately 10 players at their last game stayed seated on the bench, but others were frightened at the prospect of losing everything.

The replies to his tweet are either people who are STILL offended at players kneeling for the anthem (even though he literally said they will be standing for it) or people insisting that kneeling beforehand isn’t really showing much solidarity.

The problem with trying to please everyone is that you end up pleasing no one. Kneeling before the anthem in an effort to not offend those who don’t understand the reason for protest is exactly the problem, and that can’t be seen as the same solidarity as those who are risking their jobs and endorsement deals to show their unforgiving stance on police brutality and standing with Colin Kaepernick (or at this point, against Donald Trump). Trump and the NFL powers that be instilling fear so that these players feel the need to stand for the anthem whether they want to or not isn’t going to be fixed by trying to both kneel and stand in defense of two opposite sides.

For people who play football for a living, you’d think Drew Brees and his team would understand that you can’t play offense for one team and defense for another.

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