Preciousness: Teenage Girl Buys Kid Expensive Sneakers After Overhearing He Didn’t Have The Money

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Girl Pays For Fellow Customers Sneakers When He Can’t Afford Them

Tinyia Frank was talking to a salesperson at Champs when a young boy excused himself to ask the man a question. She told Yahoo Lifestyle, “He asked the man if they had any basketball shoes that are under $75, because that’s all that he had. He kind of put his head down and looked disappointed to say it, not like he was saying it disrespectfully or anything, just kind of sad because that’s all he had.”

As you probably know, basketball sneakers are generally way more expensive than that price point, so the boy and his father tried to find a cheaper substitute. The exchange struck 19-year-old Frank’s interest, and she worked her way into their conversation when she found out the boy, Jordan, is in fifth grade and on a traveling basketball team.

Frank explained why that was of interest to her: “It was a little traveling basketball team, because where I live, they don’t have anything for the young people. We’ve got one of the highest rates of overdoses in the country in our city, and we have nothing for the youth. They took away our centers that we had for young people, our dancing teams; nothing gets funded. So when he told me that he was on the traveling team and couldn’t afford the shoes that he wanted, I couldn’t do nothing but feel bad because the way that I was raised: If you got it, you give it to people.”

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That’s when the college student offered to buy the boy whatever pair of shoes he wanted, as long as he’d send her a photo of himself wearing them at his first game. She says the boy’s dad immediately started crying.

Jordan picked out a pair of red LeBrons and Frank didn’t seem to mind that they cost $180.

“If I was going to get him some shoes, I wanted him to get what he liked,” she says. “Money is just money. Not to say it’s not important. I work a lot for my money. I’d rather go without getting my 15th pair of shoes and give it to a little boy who clearly only had one.”

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