Ayoooo, Ma…Aight F You Den: Girl Starts Instagram Page Of Selfies With Her And Every Dude Who Catcalls Her

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Girl Takes Photos With All Of Her Catcallers

A 20-year-old student from the Netherlands is trying to make a powerful statement about sexual objectification by facing the problem head on. Noa Jansma took selfies with each and every one of her catcallers for an entire month and posted those same pictures to an Instagram page called, dearcatcallers.

With awkward photos of Jansma and her catcallers, the caption of each photo is what the guy called out to her in order to get her attention. They range from gross questions like, “you wanna kiss?” the the classic, “can I have your number?” Though for women the amount of street attention this girl is getting isn’t surprising, taking pictures with all of the men who harass on the street is indeed an interesting social experiment–though none of the guys really look bothered.

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This idea is definitely powerful, but it could also pose major questions about safety by stopping to pose with the men who just called you out on the street. The last posts on the Instagram page explain that Noa is going to pass on the page to other girls, so they can document their journeys as well.

Maybe this will discourage men from catcalling, but as aforementioned, most of the guys look more honored than offended that they’re being taken a picture of.

Do y’all think this is a good idea to get the anti-catcalling point across?

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