We Know Lace Fronts Can Set a Sista Back But Come on Bey Bey…

- By Bossip Staff

Beyonce rocked her day late and a dollar short lace front wig over the weekend and it is definitely time to retire it.  It looks mad dehydrated like it needs some one on one time with a bottle of IsoPlus.

More flicks of Beyonce performing at the F1 concert underneath the hood also.

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  • http://twitter.com/deevac coi


  • http://www.favfashionsites.com Ms. Neen (FavFashionSites.com

    Leave her alone. Can a girl have a bad hair day lol.

  • laa147

    third- that’s not even her real hair so it isn’t a bad hair day, she needs to get her weave re-done she making all that money and hair is tore up.

  • http://www.examiner.com/x-1566-DC-Glam-Examiner~y2009m9d26-Makeup-trick-for-nude-lips media robot

    d*mn it Beyonce…I adore you but come on…really…this is madness!

  • thickums

    Leave B alone ! ! ! No one walk out the house perfect everyday ! ! !

  • jaiizsuVe'

    isoplus…theve got newer and better things 4 that

  • Supreme

    & then she performs in it and sweats… oh gawd LMAO i love Beyonce though

  • http://bossip MY BAAD>> ya'll late via lame

    “some one on one time with a bottle of IsoPlus.”


    good one 🙂

  • http://bossip MY BAAD>> ya'll late via lame

    i think thats the point of wearing wigs.. to kgive ur hair a break. but the silk in this thang look used allll up!!! BALHAOLALHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!

  • embalmingfashionista

    maybe it has that kink to it and dryness because it could possibly be her real hair…iunno just a thought

  • bored

    It’s good knowing one thing about Beyonce; it’s that the only thing you people see wrong about her is her hair and I’m afraid I agree on this one. Even though she works her but off performing she could do something with it better than that! But again; Beyonce you are the greatest female entertainer right now, Tina Turner held it before..

  • bored

    I looked at her hair on other sites and when it’s a closeup and with proper lighting her hair does not look as bad but it is time for a new style..

  • Hmmmmhassmth2say

    Secondly who in the world put Indie Arie lyrics on here-this is not at all what she was taking about. In any place have YOU EVER HEARD INDIE SAY-DON’T COMB AND BRUSH YOUR HAIR—-SERIOUSLY..this is not the same-this is just down right trife… she can afford solid platinum hair tools-USE THEM PLEASE, if your wig-dirty-wash it-if you don’t feel like get one of your numerous henchmen to do it for you. Put a fancy fedora on foreal there are too many alternatives to a:ok let’s call it a:very un nice hair day-ok stans? Let me spell it out for you she got the hook up!

  • Alrighty Then...

    @embalmingfashionista – all the worse if that’s her real hair (but it’s not). Then she could’ve just slapped some Ampro Syling Gel (don’t act like you don’t remember AMPRO, the REAL DEAL black gel from back in the day! lol) in it and it would’ve looked better than this! lol! Again, there is no excuse for this.

  • I'm Just Me: KEEPING IT REAL SINCE 1983

    That really isn’t her is it?

    Is she still rocking those stockings the next day?

    What is going on here?

    @ Eva

    Solange is that you Momma?

  • put it out there

    I mean like really, who cares……….really

  • m

    how can you have more money than a lot of 3rd world countries and have a husband who makes even more than you and have a mother who was a hairdresser, and still go out looking like that??????????

  • mswin
  • Supreme

    LMAO @ whoever said she needs some hair cholesterol! She needs to take the time to do one of those homemade hair deep conditioning treatments with mayonaise, 2 eggs, and a little bit of honey! LOL

  • Keke

    WTF? at the person above me.

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    Who still uses Isoplus? I bet that same person uses the flaky black gel too huh?

  • delicious

    If I worked as hard as her I wouldn’t care about my hair too. Do your thang B!

  • delicious

    Oh and you Beyonce critics have been hating on her hair for years, since there is nothing else about her for you to hate on.


    She’s not changing her hair for you guys. Get over it and move on. She didn’t listen to you guys years ago and she’s not going to listen to you now.

  • http://Bossip miller

    I remember in one of solange interviews she said she is not like beyonce she does not have to come out side looking perfect everyday.She said Beyonce will not leave the house looking less than perfect.Now fass forward to the days of Jay-Z and all this phoney bolony stuff going on.It’s something wrong with these people what are they mixed up in.Who cares about money if you don’t comb your hair you don’t wash your ass.Something is tearing this chick down.

  • http://bossip.com brea

    Her hair looks fine! No one is perfect. Anyway, I question if its a lace front b/c of the roots. It looks like a plain sew in with her natural hair in the front. Bey hair is really thick and strong so she can keep those sew ins. After doing all that sweating and performing, a lace front wouldn’t last long-it would look worse than that hair on her head.

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