SMH: Circus Peanut POTUS Cyber Bullies Jemele Hill After ESPN Suspension, Because, OF COURSE!

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Donald Trump Bullies Jemele Hill AGAIN In Tweet

So, Orangina has something to say???

Yesterday, Jemele Hill’s two-week suspension from ESPN shook folks across the internet. The network called for the TV Journalist to sit out from her job for two weeks after tweeting about Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones. Jerry Jones has reportedly been threatening the rights of players to protest the National Anthem and Hill tweeted that folks who believed in the message of the kneeling protests, should not put pressure on the players, but to boycott The Cowboys’ advertisers.

You know when you threaten the BIG money advertisers to white organizations, they bring the goons out. The BIGGEST ugliest, mascot for NFL oppression got his tweets off about it.

Trump had this to say first, applauding Jones for snatching fundamental rights from players by threatening their jobs.


With Jemele Hill at the mike, it is no wonder ESPN ratings have “tanked,” in fact, tanked so badly it is the talk of the industry!

  1. “Mike”
  2. Commander-in-Chief is worrying about ratings, really? Worrying about your own ratings.
  3. Bullying a private citizen, from arguably the most powerful seat in the world. Lawsuit time, Jemele!!
  4. 6:42 AM. Brush your teeth first, DAMN!

Let’s be clear here, this man has condemned Jemele Hill more than he’s condemned Neo Nazi’s and a mass murdered, combined. We get it. Hit the flip for more.

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