Tyrese’s “Black Queen” Defends His Faux Forbes Cover And Too Fast Too Furious Tweets Against The Rock

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Tyrese’s Wife Defends His Shenanigans

After weeks of Tyrese consistently going at The Rock for daring to…book a movie, like he always does…more than one person has pondered why this super-educated wife of his hasn’t taken away his phone privileges to save him some of the embarassment.

The dragging of Black Ty continued on Tuesday, as the embattled actor/singer posted a fake Forbes cover, listing it as part of his vision board…

Which he apparently also had framed and placed in his office…

Well, what does Mrs. Gibson have to say about all this? Apparently, she’s 100% behind him:

The MAN I MARRIED is a visionary, he’s bold, he’s opinionated, he’s no pushover, he’s loyal, he’s hardworking, he’s loving, supportive, and passionate. A tenet of Law of Attraction, envision yourself in the position you want to be in, act as though you’ve already attained your goal, and live in it. My husband’s has MASTERED that ability, with a lot of success. You can make fun of his Forbes cover which he created to continue to MOTIVATE himself, it’s HIS vision of his future, & I believe the universe, Our God, rewards that level of faith and vision. (Mark 11:24, Hebrews 11:1). He’s BOLD. Instead of politically correct, beat around the bush, he’s straight to the point. There’s NO question who he’s referring to, NO question to what he has a problem with, NO question of how he feels. He’s not afraid to speak his mind, which I admire. My husband loves what he does and is willing, at any cost, to protect its uniqueness, it’s brand. Family is a real concept, especially when individuals have worked together for over a decade.

He’s STRATEGIC in not allowing selfish ambition or an opportunity of a monetary compensation to get in the way of a real legacy or family. I’m not throwing shots at any one, but I want to be clear, Tyrese should not be torn down for his passion, for his loyalty, for his vision, for his real love for the career he’s spent most of his life building. He’s fighting openly for what he believes is right, whether it brings about consequences or not! The same kind of boldness we are asking our athletes to embody. It’s not just about a pay check…He actually cares about what he invests his time and energy in, he’s passionate about the work he does, and is protective over it. I would rather hire a person ALL DAY that works with integrity and heart, that genuinely cares about the final product versus ANYONE ELSE.

@tyrese, you are a real KING, I love you, you continue to motivate me as my King and I am proud of you.
#tyrese #tyresechallenge

Well, at least she’s in his corner, as a wife should be for her husband. But MAYBE she should advise him that all the whining and crying about another man’s checks isn’t the best look…


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