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Whitney Houston covers the new Jet Magazine and her mother Cissy recall’s how God summoned her to help her daughter.  Pure comedy at it’s finest underneath the hood.

Cissy recalls how difficult it was for her to take her daughters life back:

“I sometimes wonder how I did it.” Cissy Houston revealed to Jet. She says she was “summoned” by God to save her daughter. Whitney says that life-changing moment took place when her mother came to her home with sheriffs and a court injunction, demanding that she enter a drug-rehab facility. “It was very difficult to show tough love,” said Cissy. “My heart was breaking. I sometimes wonder how I did it. I am so proud of her strength and courage. I thank my family and everyone who prayed along with me during that time for their support.”

Damn how long are they going to ride this wave, didn’t we hear about this stint on Oprah already. Not for nothing we do believe it took a lot more than sheriff and some court junctions to pull Whitney off that pipe, tough love our a**.


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  • http://bossip MY BAAD>> ya'll late via lame

    what cissy?? 1st

  • coi

    around whitney’s eyes and cheeks looks a lil different…i wonder if she got work done…

  • Atl_Finest

    What would celebs do without airbrushing?


    I think I missed the funny part….

  • dayg715


    it’s called photoshop.

  • Aunt Viv

    She looks beautiful on this cover

  • courtney

    The strength of a TRUE mothers love.I applaud Cissy for going and getting her daughter.


    I mean really, this site is becoming one of the most ingnorant sites out there…Hatred will never keep you on top…The “success” of this site will be very short lived…You can not step on and degrade others for fame and HITS…

  • ACE

    WOW… I sware this site should change the name to HATERSRUS.COM seriously. Even the visitors here have nothing positive to say usually. Well let me start a trend. I think it awesome her mother stepped in. Too many times in too many families we have people going through simular situations and we all sit back and say nothing, and pretend Uncle Bob or Aunt Jane didnt nod off in the middle of a conversation. So Im proud of not only Whitney but of her family for saying “OH HELL NO”

  • Butterscotch

    Whitney looks great! I’m glad she’s gotten her life back together.

  • Happy 2 B a Woman

    It’s so good to see Whitney looking so fresh and revitalized.
    I hope she’s able to maintain her sobriety and that nothing but good awaits her in the future.

  • sweetneke

    i think if more blk families step up to the plate and pull their kids out of this downward spiral we’re going down we wouldn’t have alot of the problems we have in our community. what cissy did is what alot of us should be doing whether we are poor or rich. look what has happened to michael jackson if his family would have acted out of love and not greed then maybe he would still be with us. we seem to glorify these rappers and sites like these instead of letting them take our kids minds we choose to keep our mouths shut and continue to let our communities die

  • Jane Doe

    Boosip STFU!! you guys are nothing but a bunch of bonafide haters. Im glad Whitney is back and is happy and healthy, only you bunch of fools would hate on that.

  • Truth .....and Di*k Hurts

    If nothing else, Whitney should be looked upon as a great hope for drug users, she’s shown you can fall really deep and pick yourself back up…that’s nothing we should be hatin on in the black community.

  • Lady J

    I wish Michael Jackson’s family got an injunction against him………..the story may have turned out differently.

  • melanie

    Whitney looks fab!!! After all of the drugs and everything else, she looks amazing! I’m happy for her!


    I hear Cissy Houston is now walking around with one foot. The other one is still stuck up Whitney’s ass.

  • Carol

    Lady J…you read my thoughts. I am happy for Whitney she is one of my favorite singers, but I do feel a bit let down in seeing her and not Michael. I wonder if anyone had thought to get the police, and a court order to get Michael into rehab. I wish someone been just crazy enough to do something totally unexpected in an effort to save Michael’s life. Those around him sure did not give a damn. They just wanted the money.

  • Hannibals Dad

    DAMN WHITNEY LOOKS GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://blackplanet browntown

    like her song said, “for all the haters in the place, this song ain’t for you”.

  • Karen

    I missed the humor too.

    I don’t think I’ll ever tire of the story of how a mother stepped in and saved her child’s life. It’s too bad Katherine Jackson can’t tell the same story.

  • Kevin

    Damn! Jet still around?

  • TM30

    “I hear Cissy Houston is now walking around with one foot. The other one is still stuck up Whitney’s ass.”

    Now that is some funny stuff and metaphorically true.

    She probably threatened to take Bobbi Kristina away.


    Give Whitney some time….she is still the one.

  • Aj

    Thanks momma Houston. I was hoping Whitney would come back with a good album and this one exceeded my hopes. I’m also glad that there are some positive people on this site.

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