SMH: KKK Fliers Calling To Beat N-Words Who Like To Swirl Pop Up In Florida Suburb, Police Do Nothing

- By Bossip Staff

11 Alive

KKK Fliers Distrubuted In Jacksonville

More fliers from The Loyal White Knights of the KKK are popping up in Florida. Yesterday we reported that the hate group attempted to recruit members, by dropping fliers on cars at a high school football game in North Carolina. Now 11 Alive reports families in quiet Jacksonville, Florida neighborhood were appalled to find similar circulars, calling to recruit folks to fight Black men who date White women.


The fliers features the photo of a Black man, smoking something with the words “he may be your equal but he sure isn’t ours”. Also in the text — “Notice to all (N-word): Any of you black apes caught ‘making eyes’ at a white girl will be beaten with bats and your mothers won’t get anymo’ bananas-That’s a promise”.

“My wife came out and she saw this little rolled up piece of paper, picked it up and read it and went to me crying saying she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.” Neighborhood John Rando told First Coast News. Reportedly, the fliers have circulated around 3 communities in the area, according to the NextDoor app.

So of course the news agency tried to reach out to local police and they did NOTHING.

“As a law enforcement agency, when we respond to reports of these incidents, our job is to determine if there is an allegation of criminal activity being made or if any laws are being broken.  If there is, our officers are trained to conduct further investigation.  If there isn’t, we try to take the opportunity to explain to the complainant that the distribution of literature—no matter how offensive that literature is to some—is not in and of itself a crime.”

— JSO Lt. Chris Brown, who oversees the Public Information Unit.

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