Wendy Williams Is BIG MAD That Her Old Rival Angie Martinez Has Landed Her Own Talk Show

- By Bossip Staff

Wendy Williams Shaken Up By Angie Martinez’ Talk Show Pilot

Looks like Wendy Williams is nervous about getting replaced by an old rival.

Angie Martinez has apparently been granted a talk-show pilot with Debmar-Mercury, the same company that produces the Wendy Williams show…and Wendy is far from thrilled.

Sources tell TheJasmineBrand that executives broke the news to Wendy and her hubby over lunch. Let’s just say, the info didn’t sit too well with the duo.

They say that Wendy instantly burst into an ugly-cry and screamed on the two executives at the table. Meanwhile, her husband just kept exclaiming “this is some bullsh*t!!”

How professional, right?

Apparently, sources on site at the restaurant say they caused quite a scene, so much so that their screaming and cursing could be heard all the way in the back of the restaurant. Despite the execs trying to calm the couple down and let them know that their new venture with Angie wasn’t a conflict of interest with Wendy, neither of them were open to hearing it. Apparently, Wendy told her team:

“I can’t believe that b*tch is getting a show with them. This is such a betrayal!”

Man. We know Angie put hands on Wendy back in the 90’s, but you would think that would all be water under the bridge by now, wouldn’t it?

Do YOU think Wendy has reason to be so shook?


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