Do We Really Have to Ask???

- By Bossip Staff

All the ladies are rocking the f*ck me boots…. HARD!!! But everyone should know who this little chicken is by now. If you can’t figure it out…

Pop it for a View

Rihanna is kicking it hard in Venice. This might be a good place for her seeing that she is able to kick back, have fun and a couple of laughs without the paps all in her face.

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  • Rihanna


    Shoutout to Stanford!

  • concious_beauty


  • Cristal

    I like those boots! I want a pair! LOL!


    I thought it was Lady Gag-Gag.

  • embalmingfashionista

    i love those boots. and the skirt is hott too. makes her butt look nice…shes lovely

  • Dahlia

    great body… eh, ok face. she’s got legs up to her neck!

    love the boots.

  • KayKay

    Surprise, Surprise1 It’s Whorihanna!

  • TheNewGuy

    She’s wearing boots? I haven’t made it past the skirt yet. lol

  • This some Shhh...

    Immigration, she’s out the country, if yall let her back in, it’s on yall head.

  • m

    so is she only a model now? beside the jay-z song, had she done anything with music lately?

  • Selley

    She has a new album coming out during November i think, she looks happy in these pictures 🙂 Rihanna-Bashers should know by now that your not bringing her down, with your negative energy that your bringing,this is just an site to state your opinions on Celebrities, that doesn’t mean they read the mean things your saying & take it to the heart.

  • Ingee

    laa147 you are so on point.They just mad because they cant rock her style or even come close to looking like RiRi. And for THIS SOME SHH the immigration jokes are so lame. Next

  • Divine

    Her shoe game is on point. Not feeling the rest. But she’s rocking it.

  • white male

    is she white?

  • Miss_NC

    #1 I thought it was Amber, #2 Those boots are fire, #3 She’s screwing her bestie(I’m just saying they look a little extra)

  • dayg715

    of course, the #1 Stunna! and, how interesting, you don’t see a matted rat’s nest on her head like that other girl.

    just sayin’…

  • =)

    Rih! Cant wait till your album drops!!! Guess i gotta keep banging MC until you come back >3

  • n_satiable

    Oops… meant “not so drawn TO”.


    don’t be mad because Rihanna is every man’s fantasy, and beyonce is…every insecure gay queen’s fantasy LOL…

  • Moses

    Riri is doing her thing living her life. There is one great song she did for the people that hate on her. The song is called dem haters and she hits her haters hard on this song for hating on her. I hope the people hating on her could listen to this song she did make for them. Riri been showing the ladies out there what fashion is all about cause everytime you see her, she is wearing something new… So ladies into fashion and dressing right take notes on that cause her clothes and boots are alwaz glamorous.

  • Kevin

    Why is she chillin with Serena Williams?

  • Aunt Viv

    Her boots are FIRE.

  • I'm just sayin....

    I guessed it was AMBER….

  • Bossip Baby


    Please tell me where these pics are… i would definitely like to know…

  • Oh Well...

    hubba hubba…she’s a vision of PERFECTION. I won’t even bother saying “no homo” I LOVE this girl.

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