Stale Cheez-It-Faced Trump Doesn’t Know He’s The President Of The Virgin Islands And Twitter Nearly Toppled Over

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Donald Trump Says He Met With The President Of The Virgin Islands

It becomes more and more possible every single day that Donald Trump is in a competition with himself to see who can say the most outrageously stupid things possible. Though people could make a very strong case for saying Donald Trump didn’t know Puerto Rico was a part of the United Stated before the hurricane hit, we can actually confirm that Trump has no idea that the Virgin Islands are also a US Territory…

There you have it. And no, Trump doesn’t correct himself for saying he met with the president of the Virgin Islands, either. Because he doesn’t realize that HE IS the president. On the White House’s transcript of the press conference, “president” is crossed out and replaced with governor, but that revelation definitely wasn’t made by President Cheeto himself.

They’re called the “US Virgin Islands” for a reason…because they’re apart of the United States. If only y’alls president knew that…hit the flip to see Twitter’s reaction to Donald saying he met with the President of the Virgin Islands…which is him.


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