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Kaya Jones Speaks About Being In A Prostitution Ring

It’s been a while sing the Pussycat Dolls have been in the spotlight, but due to all of the allegations coming out in Hollywood about executive abuse of power, one of the former members is speaking out about the truth of the group. Kaya Jones sent out tweets alleging that she “wasn’t in a girl group,” but rather a prostitution ring. She also calls out the “den mother from hell” and asks her to confess why another girl from one of her groups has committed suicide.

Of course if this is all true, the “den mother from hell” would be Robin Antin, who was the choreographer for the Pussycat Dolls. The suicide Kaya mentions in the next tweet is in reference to Simone Battle, who was a member of another Robin Antin group, G.R.L.  Battle hanged herself and was found dead on September 5th–she was said to have suffered depression due to “financial issues.”

Kaya elaborated on the story further saying that much like other Hollywood victims describe, her and the other members of the group had to choose either leaving the group and abandoning their dreams, or sticking through it to hopefully make it big.

Jones claims to have tried coming out with this same information multiple times before, but nobody listened or did anything about it. She’s hoping that with the current state of the news and Hollywood coming undone, people will actually hear her story this time.



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