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Jason Nichols Gets Racist Phone Call

University of Maryland Professor Jason Nichols is making headlines for a disgusting voicemail he received. Jason Nichols took to Facebook to share a gut-wrenching voicemail from an irate woman BIG mad about a recent Fox News appearance he made.

Nichols appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” last week to discuss Columbus Day with the host.

And his words on the show apparently pissed off a cowardly woman who blasted him for being a “f**** n***r” who wants to change every holiday to “N***r Day.”

“This message is for Jason,” said the woman. “I’ve been listening to him on Fox. You know, this f**** n****, you n****rs are not going to be satisfied until you change every fucking piece of s*** holiday to N****r Day.”

According to Nichols that’s not the only phone call he got, and he might release another woman from a (clearly confused) West Indian woman.

“They left it on the front office phone,” wrote Nichols in the comments section. “I didn’t even post the one from the lady with the West Indian accent which was just as bad if not worse. It’s par for the course I suppose but I usually never check the phone messages so they caught me off guard.

SMH, that racist suuuuure was bold from the comfort of her own home.

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