The Cleavelands Hits Big…

- By Bossip Staff

The Cleaveland Show made it’s debut last night and raked in 9.2 million viewers placing it in at second fro adult television on a Sunday night.  Which isn’t too shabby considering it was up against Desperate Housewives and Sunday Night Football. We’re glad blacks have something to watch besides reality TV.  The Cleveland Show comes on Sundays on FOX.

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  • PrettyRoundBrown


  • LOL


  • 3LuvMe*

    yea it was hella funny!! *in tha voice of clevland* “u wont believe wat thr payn me!!

  • Jersey

    Are all of you serious? This show is racist as hell. Come on now people.. Do you or even know anyone named Rallo? The only Rallo I know is from 1975 episodes from Sandford and Son. The show has all white writers with all white cast of voices.

  • bobby

    @ Jersey

    The Cleveland Show lampoons black ppl the way Family Guy lampoons white people. You gotta have a sense of humor. Besides, us black folks do a good enough job exploiting ourselves, so I doubt anyone will take this cartoon that seriously.

  • Melinda

    I loved the show. Rallo is Stewie 2. The only thing I don’t get is Cleveland son. How did he go from being hyperactive to… well you know… kinda slow…

    And does that mean I won’t hear “hey everybody” on Family Guy anymore?

  • white male

    This show was kinda stupid but maybe it will be funny idk

  • WordtotheWise

    I actually liked the show and set my DVR to record every week. It was quite funny.

  • seaj

    it was funny realtalk 9.2 million damn thats whats up

  • .seco

    I mean the show had its moments…but really America? White writers….white actors…stereotypical characters. The youngest son is at school looking up under skirts an sh*t. So let me get this straight, yall knukkaz won’t support black shows like The Game, Girlfriends or Lincoln Heights where at least the good majority of the characters have class but let Fox throw some bs at you and…*sigh* lmao. I still love yall man but damn….

  • b

    man i missed it… i love family guy tho, that one episode where stewie fuked brian up cause he owed him some money was hilarious… stewie dont play..

  • IsleZeus

    Cleveland is straight?

  • candylicker

    I thought it was funny – why the women asses so big? Why is the boy’s name Rallo – funny.

  • Jamaquina.Cubana

    I saw it!
    Not impressed!

  • love me or hate me!

    I thought I was the only one who caught that.

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