Whats Goin on in This Forum???

- By Bossip Staff

Whether you want to hate on little girls in fishnets or big up Beyonce’s matty lace front, you can do it all at the Bossip Forums.  People have been letting it all hang out on things like:

Cash for Appliances Rebate Program

An open letter to A Keys from Mrs. Swizz B

Post Ya Pic So People Can See What You’re Working With….(Don’t ask us we just work here)

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  • Happy 2 B a Woman

    This is an old photo and I can always remember the look on that guy’s face…hilarious!

  • Renee

    She’s got that “You dare me? I told you I’d go through the airport without my weave, didn’t I?”

  • DayShifter

    Ok, seen him before…who is that guy?!?!?

  • http://Bossip ryan

    this is a picture of when security made her take her wig off in the airport

  • DC

    Force once and for all everyone now is aware beyonce doesn’t have any hair. SMH. There were people actually believing her weave was real. She has a teaspoon full of her just like the rest of the girls in the hood. lmao

  • lisalisa

    She’s still beautiful.

  • wifey06

    to anyone who comes between any mariage KARAM will follow. Alecia Keys willg o through the same or worst.. no kids or something to the sort. It always comes back!!

    weaves are tacky, stinky and dirty!! unless you are dying from cancer or something….

    other than that you lazy as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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