Jesus Take The Wheel: Cleveland Mayor Brewer Responds to Drag Queen Pictures

- By Bossip Staff

According to HipHopWired, East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer has responded to leaked racy pictures of him dressed in drag and Jimmy Choo’s. YOU will not believe the pictures under the hood.

Hit up HipHopWired for the rest of this story.

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  • Larry


  • S. Walk (learn how to bag the shit up first, THEN GET MONEY!)

    He will have to resign by Friday.

  • Nik

    Please tell me this man is not the mayor anymore??

  • JyNx



    Lawd have mercy…

  • nola

    this look like the same photos of oscar de la hoya

    but wit this dude head on them


    After they voted Marion Barry into office after the crack-pipe incident, nothing surprises me any more.


    Nola, I was thinking that too. Ah-ha-ha-ha. Well, like De La Hoya, he too can blame it on Photoshop.

  • Warren Piece

    haha…whats sad is hes owns a pair of jimmy choo’s

  • Mr. Big Mack Ronald Mcdonald (Im Luvin It)

    East 99 9,9,9!!! lls



  • ariel

    not bad mayor…not bad *wank*

  • Str8 Truth

    So he’s a cross dresser? Can he do his job? If he wants to look like a fool in his spare time, that’s his business.

  • Keisha

    These pictures can’t be real…I pray they photoshot

  • I'm Just Me: KEEPING IT REAL SINCE 1983

    Is it wrong to say he looks better in the drag? Um the clothed drag. I threw up in mouth a lot at the back shots….that is just so wrong!!!


    Keyisha Cole come get yo Mama. But for real though I thought that was Frankie. No but for real for real why do people do things like this when they’re in the public eye. What you do behind closed doors is behind closed doors but why the hell did you let someone take a photos?

  • keke

    He looks pretty as a woman.

  • Mr. Big Mack Ronald Mcdonald (Im Luvin It)

    Who the hell is taking the pics Tyson!?!

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    Damn, I hope he doesn’t have any children…

    I’d be embarrassed for them…

    And for him… DANG!!! Everytime he walks somewhere and hears somebody whispering he’s gonna think they’re talking about him and these pictures… SMH

    Well, I know one person who’s going to be moving up out of Cleveland…

  • lisalisa

    I don’t think its him. The ‘woman’ in the photos is of lighter complexion.

  • :)


  • Rawrr

    A true SMH moment.

  • maria


    this is hilarious. that is so himm!!

  • Oscar de la Hoya


  • TM30

    Here’s what I don’t understand, if you are into freaky things that could ruin you, why leave tangible evidence? If you just have to have a copy, take it yourself with a polaroid and get a safe deposit box.

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