Mel B is Killin’ It

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Mel B’s knocking ’em dead in the new Ultimo Lingerie collection. A deliciously delightful sight for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

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    she looks GREAT!!!!

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    she seems nervous

    funny her poses are not very provocative, no booty shots

    it looks more like how models in a sears catalog

    pose in the under and bra section, unlike a fashion mag

    i like the one that she is sitting by the pool

  • SoSo

    how does this chick have 2 kids????

  • valenne


    slim girls are the best!!!

  • Necy

    damn!! her body is ridiculously out of this world…

  • bree

    she looks really good.. does she have a lingerie line coming out?

  • SoSo


    I noticed that about her too. The whole shoot seems like a catalog and I’m not feeling the lingerie neither.

  • Lush-Us Lipps

    She looks great and there are no signs of baby fat, stretch marks, etc.


    @Smokey – Yes, they definatley look like Sears poses!!!

  • T. Williams

    She looks great! I guess gay ass Eddie Murphy is feeling it now.

  • ms braided beauty the real one

    @ she looks great.. no hater rade here!!! rock on Mel B!!!!!

  • Kym G

    He body is shaped like a Dorrito in these pics.. I’ve seen other pictures were she has a little bit more sum tin sum tin in the hip and leg area… I’m not feeling this look for her… AT ALL


    She’s gorgeous and looks good for havin 2 kids, my inspiration, YOU GO GIRL~



    @Smokey – Yes, they definatley look like Sears poses!!!


    lol, she does look a lil uncomfortable, but her body is bangin!!!

  • 6 Figgaz

    A lil’ post-natal nip, tuck, and boost goes a long way… I see natural chicks on the street with better bodies. That masculine face doesn’t work either…

    No hate, but no love either…

  • soulwoman

    It doesn’t matter how much money you have – if you don’t have the mental determination to loose weight/work-out/stay in shape it’s not happening. If you have the will power you’re not going to use not having trainers and chefs as an excuse not to work out. You’re going to run around the block, do some push-ups, sit-ups…so many different exercises you can do.

  • amber86 :)

    LMAO @ 6 Figgaz, you really think she had surgery??

  • amber86 :)

    @ Soulwoman

    I agree but when I see really out of shape celebs. It doesn’t make sense to me you have a lot of resources at your finger tips. SO get it together!

  • Southern Belle 225

    She looks great! I can’t even hate on my girl.

  • I cant say...

    Go MelB!!! My girl is looking hott like fiyah!!! I need to get my body tight!!

  • Brie

    she looks good, but where are her hips?!

  • Kim

    why did she loose that much weight but she looks really fit and gorgeous but I wish she had some curves to go with that body of hers….

  • Kim


    she looks good, but where are her hips?!


  • beautiful b

    she really is bad. eddie has to be homo, cause im straight as hell and see the potential.

  • USC Alum

    Damn, Mel “B” can get raw! She’s looks fab!

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