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Students Protest After Teens Post Hateful Halloween Pumpkins Online

Hundreds of students staged a protest at a Coatesville, Pennsylvania Area High School over racist pumpkin carvings. Kids walked out of classes Friday morning after a social media post from schoolmates, showing pumpkins carved with a swastika and KKK on them– and the administration did NOTHING to discipline the hateful teenagers involved. SMH.

According to, the protest started with the kids walking out of class Friday morning included marching around the school twice, was a display of unity from the student body, a protest of administrative inaction, and a call for change, student leaders said.

The Coatesville Area School District has said it appears the photo of the pumpkins carved with racist symbols was taken off school grounds, after school hours, and involved both current and former students. Superintendent Cathy Taschner said the district will “exercise its full authority” to send a message that the picture and carvings are not acceptable.

In other words, they’re school district and the police doing ZILCH about it. Reportedly, one of the students involved in the despicable viral carving photo still attends the school and is asking his classmates for forgiveness over the “prank” after seeing the huge protest. Senior Gloria Phillips, 17 tells that would “hard.’ Their high school is 47 percent white, 31 percent black, 18 percent Hispanic, 1 percent Asian, and 3 percent multiracial

“I’m scared to walk around in the hallways, because it’s like, people really think like that,” said Tajanae Primous, 17, a senior. “How are we supposed to come to this high school, knowing there are these prejudices?” another student, Tyrone Bladen said.

Earlier in the month, a black baby doll was found hanging in a Coatesville High School locker with a tie around its neck. Reportedly the school has had reports of racial incidents since 2013 on campus. When will enough be enough??



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