Frankie Is Making Some Changes

- By Bossip Staff

At Neffe’s daughter’s seventh birthday party, Shante, Snoop’s Wife, showed up as a surprise visitor. The other day, Frankie said some things about her future.

Pop the top and peep Shante holding Neffe’s newborn, also what “Man Down” is going to try and change

A few weeks ago I found out that her and Lamon, her lover, had come to an end and she was pissed… At her show’s premiere party, I asked Frankie where was the love of her life Lamon, she replied ” he f–king up.” I was then lost for words because she seemed to be so deeply in love with him and even got his name tatted on her back! I couldn’t even imagine having somebody’s name tattooed on my back, just to break up with them not even 3 months later, before the scars healed.

One of her friends told me that they were taking some time apart but she came on the Ryan Cameron show to let the world know it’s over. Frankie once told me life for her is all about having fun with her family, and if you know Frankie you know she loves her men and don’t mind a little kiss and makeup …..But if you know Frankie you know she moves on quick and is a strong black woman …

Frankie has also decided to clean up her image saying that she wanted to stop drinking and is going to stop saying “man down” and start telling these men to “man up.”

Sorry Frankie, but we will believe it when we see it…

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  • Aunt Viv


  • Aunt Viv

    Like the baby pic though

  • GoodKarma4Me

    Bless the child….

  • Pookie

    Frankie and her gang should disappear altogether…

  • 6 Figgas

    Frankie may want to start “making some changes” to her weave game, and Neffie may want to start “making some changes” to her birth control plan…

  • GA by way of CA

    6 Figgas

    Frankie may want to start “making some changes” to her weave game, and Neffie may want to start “making some changes” to her birth control plan…

    haaaa, PREACH!!!

  • THE TRUTH _ Pretty brown eyes

    @6 Figgas

    Frankie may want to start “making some changes” to her weave game, and Neffie may want to start “making some changes” to her birth control plan…

    co- sign lmao

  • rabbit's in the pot

    Whatever Doo- Doo!!!

  • Ms. Littlejohn

    She needs to change her hairstylist! After seeing so many women who live in or are from Atlanta on television with messed up weaves, I’m starting to think those ATL stylists can’t do good hair!

  • Its6amHoGetOut Resident Genius, 91 days until I leave and this blog becomes the most boring shit since this years BET awards.

    What did she say? from now on shes only gonna use “crack-lite” instead of regular crack?

  • gg

    frankie is a disgrace to any mother, grandmother, glad she is not related to my family…what a mess.. she should have been left in jail..

  • ms truth

    Neffe = love her.

    frankie= immature mother that needs to realize she is a grandmother. grow up. why you with these 20 something dudes. they don’t want you frankie or your dentures. find a man in your lane 60 something.

  • Superwoman

    Forgot to say that the baby is a certified cutie!! That can not be Neffe’s kid.

  • !!!!!R.I.P MIKE!!!!!



    @ Superwoman

    I agree with you 100%-Who the hell are these women that we should give a flying fu*k about them.Neffie got 5 kids three b-daddys,frankie is Im at alost fro words.And dont even get me started on the k-hoes Them chicks all about the brothers with the dollars.They would never give average dudes or (Black men since thats whats they like) a chance except kourtney she might be the only one with a little since.And then theres Toya uuuummm you want a cookie for taking care of your daughter well hell someone pat all the single moms that do it everyday on the back.And shes not even doing it as an Independent woman she has no education or skill to live that lifestyle if it wasnt for wayne.


    oh wtf ever frankie! the only change i see is the new wig besides whtever the positivity is it wont last it aint in her blood

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