Johnny Boy Creepin on his Boo?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

John Legend was spotted on a date and it was not with his main model girl Christy Teigen:

John Legend is taking a break from modelizing to warm up with sultry “ET” host Maria Menounos. The former Miss Teen USA was spotted with Legend at the Carlyle Monday night, “enjoying a romantic dinner. They looked very cozy and it definitely seemed to be a date.”

Damn, this cat don’t ever show the sistas any love.  SMH.


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  • yoooo


  • mr mr

    lol…john likes his meal with a lil SPICE…not mad at Maria…she is a bad chick

  • Chaka

    This is a lie. John was at my house.

  • T-Bird

    Dang…This man really ain’t into sistahs…He has probably hipped “Ye” (Kanye) to this game…next thing you know

    “Ye” will be out and about with a “Brazilian Belgium Spanish” chick.

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    I believe that Kanye and John are two black men who only date

    women who are white or looked mix. Not into the black woman

    thats the vibe I always get from them, as for gay I don’t know

    G.O.O.D. MUSIC!

  • ATLlady

    He cant show us any love because we see right thru his FISHY ways.. John Legend is the “QUEEN OF THE NIGHT”!

  • bella

    i will survive for as long as i know how to love i know i will survive ………… i got all my life to live i got all my love to give i will survive…………… hey hey .


    John Legend used to be decent, now he is just corny, he performed at my school last week and I didn’t even go, rather go to the library….BOOOO John Legend, your music now sucks, sorry the first album was the best and the last.

  • Rashad

    *smh* what’s up with people naturally assuming you gotta like a person of a certain race cuz you look like or are of that particular race. it’s 2008. damn. if he likes vanilla, so the f#ck what.

  • pm

    maybe he got tired of black woman saying he was gay, and has moved on.

  • And.....

    Let him have his white women. They are nothing but PR stunts, beards, and distractions anyway.

  • ms meca

    yeh i aint feeling his music lik i used to

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    his first album is my favorite, gave it to my moms and never saw

    it again! smh.

  • Renee

    Maria is on Access Hollywood not ET and John did date a black model a few years ago.

    Get it together.

  • Cannon

    “You can’t say I don’t love you just because I cheat on you” (c) John Legend

  • SMDH

    “Damn he don’t have 1 atleast one black woman he’s into????????? SMH”

    I’m sure – like with the typical black male – all the black women were around BEFORE he made it..

  • spinner22

    I just love it and seen it coming feel sorry for the his other gal but its the risk you take dsting a smart busy artist they get bored real easily especially the well educated ones But would not surprise me to see his old gal show up in anothers artist video and be dating them soon enough so dont feel to sorry for her

  • African princess

    Now that Kanye broke up with Alexis maybe he also feels he needs to move on from the weird looking chick he’s been with. Step his game up with someone who’s more famous for something other than being his girlfriend.

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    ~I’m sure – like with the typical black male – all the black women were around BEFORE he made it..

    I don’t know, I think John Legend and Kanye are unusual suspects

    I know some men like to date certain types of women who are genuinely naive.

    cause she will never peep their DL lifestyle. All the women they dated

    seem to fit that match. I got several males friends who are DL brothers

    and they mess with & stay surrounded by the finest sistahs or other women

    (non-black). but all the women seem clueless to the DL lifestyle

  • vjhe

    He’s probably not into sistas because their too busy calling every black man who isn’t a thug, gay. A black man these days can’t even give a black woman a compliment without being called “suspect”. Yeah yeah yeah, there are some brothas on the DL, but the black community has blown that way out of porporation. Give brothas a break.

  • jogger

    Maria is hot, when I date white women it is usually Greek women like her or Italian women.

  • Mmmmhmmm

    Watch n c, he’ll soon be breaking up with old girl and be tryin to focus on his music (getting back with Kanye) again . :-p

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    i forgot to say

    I could give a fu*k-less who John or Kanye is doing or got locked

    around their arm. Just keep making good music and I’m

    straight (no pun intended).

  • Kim


    Maria is hot, when I date white women it is usually Greek women like her or Italian women.

    LOL May be you haven’t even touched one because REAL MEN don’t have to let everyone know

  • Jcroft

    I know…but if that’s what he likes. that’s what he likes.

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