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Sweet black love…

Gucci Mane Speaks On Falling For Keyshia Ka’Oir

Gucci Mane is smitten over his wife and his airing out all the details in his book. The Zone 6 trapper who recently wed Keyshia Ka’Oir in that BET televised ceremony has released an excerpt from his NY Times Best Seller “The Autobiography Of Gucci Mane.”

According to Gucci, after seeing Keyshia in Drake and Timbaland’s “Say Something” video while he was locked up he wanted to meet her and he did, on the set of his “911 Emergency” video. La Flare apparently couldn’t play it cool with Keyshia and described her as “gorgeous” and a “fox.”

That night he took her to dinner at Atlanta’s Intercontinental Hotel in Buckhead and he knew she was special.

Via BET:

(Chapter 16, pages 174-177)

“After we wrapped up I practically begged her to stay an extra night in Atlanta so I could take her to dinner. I’d done nothing but work since I got out of jail and this seemed like a break worth taking. She agreed.

Keyshia and I went to dinner at the InterContinental Hotel in Buckhead. We were still wearing our all-white matching outfits from the shoot. We ordered the same thing, salmon with mashed potatoes. I took her hand as we left the restaurant. The whole situation was out of character for me. I knew she was special.

Keyshia was stunning but it was more than that. I’d been with a lot of pretty girls. There was more to her. I may have first fell for her beauty, ogling her pictures while I was sitting in the clink, but I quickly began to appreciate her as a person.”

He also added that Keyshia made him want to “downplay his vices” (mind you this was pre-“Clone” Gucci who now no longer does drugs) to impress her.

“We had our differences,” wrote Gucci. “Keyshia was not much of a partier and definitely didn’t do drugs. She said she hardly even went out unless she was getting paid for an appearance. So I downplayed my vices. I’d already thought about what she may have heard about me or read online, so I didn’t need to add any concerns. Plus I’d just gotten out of jail, so besides smoking weed I really hadn’t done much partying or drugging of late.”

Burrtiful black love, right???

Are YOU hitting up Barnes & Noble to buy Gucci’s book???


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