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Juanita Bynum will go on “Divorce Court” this week to end her marriage with Bishop Thomas Weeks III who gave her a real good tail whooping back in August:

Televangelist Juanita Bynum says in a two-part episode of “Divorce Court” that she’s through with her marriage to minister Thomas W. Weeks III, who is on probation for assaulting her.

In episodes scheduled to air Thursday and Friday, Bynum also says she had thoughts of suicide and weighs in on a case involving domestic violence. When asked what advice she had for women in situations similar to hers, she said, “I have to make a decision … to take the love that I had for him with me. I was just trying to make it work because I don’t like losing relationships,” Bynum told Judge Lynn Toler, who hears cases on the syndicated show distributed by Twentieth Television. “All of this just kept getting swept under the rug … So you begin to adapt to a very wrong and very unhealthy marriage.”

When asked on “Divorce Court” whether she and Weeks were planning a reconciliation, Bynum said she is “done.” Bynum also was asked about rumors that she tried to commit suicide.

“Suicide crossed my mind … You know, I felt hopeless. I didn’t because the name Bynum represents a legacy of people that have gone before me and had I done that I would have given too much power to an individual to not just wipe me out but to wipe out the integrity of the legacy I was born in.”

Damn, she must be serious this time if she’s taking it to “Divorce Court”. They’re such media whores. SMH.


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  • Soulwriter

    I gotta give it to her, that’s some sound advice; some women allow themselves to get dragged through hell and high water all in the name of ‘love’, when it’s obvious that he’s dogging them, cheating on them, beating on them and far from knowing the true definition of the word. YOU CAN LOVE SOMEONE WHO’S TROUBLED FROM A DISTANCE, AND ALWAYS LOVE YOURSELF MORE THAN THE PERSON YOU’RE WITH…IT KEEPS THE PRIORITIES STRAIGHT!!! HOLLA!!!

  • Rotex

    Aint that degrading herself if she goes on Divorce court.

  • rox

    C’mon?! Divorce Court? I’m not feeling that at all….You are THEE esteemed Juanita Bynum?! Disappointed.

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    nice bow tie

  • mojojojo195


  • pm

    They got paid to do it best believe

  • Kompton's Kutie

    Divorce Court?! Ow No.

  • Soulwriter

    I’m not a particularly big fan or follower of Juanita Bynum, but when you’ve endured a personal/spiritual battle like this, as a Christian, you ARE supposed to share by testifying, are you not? There is some woman who doesn’t have cable or Essence magazine going through this same abuse right at this very second and thinking there’s no way out, but she could see Juanita on this show and get the courage to ask for help and turn her life around. If one doesn’t testify on how to get out of a storm, some people may remain stuck in one. That’s the way I see it.

  • Deitre

    She’s always on television giving advice, so why is this any different? She isn’t a court participant, she simply speaks with the judge concerning issues of abuse, which she has experienced first hand. What’s the difference between this and TBN? They are a money making enterprise also.

  • Southern Belle 225

    @cat eyes…she IS disgusting and I agree with what you said.

  • Black Queen

    You are or you say youre a woman of God you yourself must uphold his will committing suicide is not his will not only would you have tranished your family name but the most inportant thing is if she did it she used GOD”S NAME IN VAIN you have to believe that he can bring you through all things and make you the head. She is really making me wonder what did she except Gods calling for to make a name for herself or to uphold God’s will I really dont know and another thing as a woman of God you do not exploit yourself or anybody else in the eye of the public and tv so thats why I wonder on her because she always seems to be in the public eye all the time. i was raised in a penticostal church my family came out of COIC the same church that she comes from. So she should know that I woman of God must hold virtue and be timid but bold in preaching his word. She just does not show that to me.

  • Afiya

    Divorce Court? how low can you go?

    Haven’t you aired enough of your dirty laundry…GOODNESS!

  • Gigi

    A woman of God thinking of committing suicide. BULL!!!

  • Scooby Dubious

    I thought the Nation of Islam had that look on lock.


    Shay Shay, what up homegirl?

  • I'm Just Me

    DIVORCE COURT! Is this for real? Is she serious? I mean isn’t that a little excessive for this? To me this should be (as all divorce should) handled in a private manner. I don’t agree with DV at all and I too am a survivor of DV but why is she parading her situation all over the place. Where is the high level of spirituality that is in her life. This whole situation makes a mockery of the situation. If she is unhappy then fine but why splash it on some bootleg show like Divorce Court? Why not go to Oprah or speak to women in DV shelters. This all seems like such an act of Buffoonery!

  • Lili

    See, this is what ppl need to understand: MAJORITY OF THE TELEVANGELISTS YOU WATCH AND SEND YOUR MONEY TO ARE ONLY IN IT FOR THE DOE!!! This mess ain’t no different than hip-hop artists making crappy music and lying about their street cred to get popular and take your money. THE MEDIA IS A GAME. It’s all a game and it’s used to pimp us out of our $.

    There are some real ppl trying to get a positive message out there, but not many. Especially not these 2.

    This couple sold their damn wedding tape on tape/dvd! Come one. That should have sounded the alarm. Some Black folk will follow damn near anybody.

    If you want to get involved in church go to the one down the street from your crib.

  • Smartie

    This is another reason to turn people off of religion. People of “the cloth”taking what should be a personal issue to the public forum for the sole purpose of getting “attention” is pretty sad and pathetic. You don’t need to be on Divorce Court, take this coonin’ and bufoonin’ to where it belongs; HOT GHETTO MESS.

  • ROB

    Hello everyone,

    I feel that it a good thing to let people know about an abusive relationship, but is she doing doing for money or to help other ytoung ladies out only the lord knows.

  • Madam"O"

    Divorce Court???…another embarassment.

  • ROB


  • Al-Anon

    I guess the most important thing that she’s sharing is that if it can happen to her, it can happen to anyone. Domestic abusive happens to all kinds of people.

    I used to volunteer at a battered women’s shelter and I was SHOCKED that many of the battered women in there were married to COPS.

    Many of us have an image that domestic violence only happens to a “certain kind of woman”, but it happens to all kinds of women, even televangelists.

  • ignant

    the divorce court episode must be a sick joke…but there is no denying the he beat her ass in public for the world to see. why are we, as black folks, denying that TRUTH.

    Juanita may be shady as all get out, but the arrest record and witness prove that the beating did take place.

    i don’t care what anyone says, there is no justification for beating on someone you love – PERIOD!

  • Al-Anon

    Weeks pleaded guilty in March to assaulting Bynum on Aug. 21 in a hotel parking lot outside of Atlanta; police said Bynum told investigators he choked her, pushed her down and kicked and stomped her.


    For the love of God, how can you ever love, trust or forgive a person who would do this to you?

    What would you tell your daughter if she were married to this man?

  • Southern Belle 225

    Speaking of weddings. Did anyone ever see that diabolical mess they call a wedding? It was just SOOOOOOOO over the top and sooo unnecssary. It was just ridiculous! My mother made me watch it because for some reason she was fascinated. I couldn’t even sit through all of it. It was HOURS long.

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