NeNe’s Been in LA for….

- By Bossip Staff

NeNe’s been seen in LA ever since she hosted the Emmy Red Carpet for E!, but she’s been doing more than eating lunch at the IVY and posing for photo-ops in Intermix, she also sat in to guest host The Insider.

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During the episode, NeNe talked about everything from Khloe and Lamar’s wedding to Dancing With the Stars:

She also guest hosted again last night and talked about receiving about 30 stacks an episode for Real Housewives of Atlanta, while arguing to Niecy Nash that reality stars aren’t over compensated for opening up their lives to the public.  Looks to us like NeNe is outgrowing the RHOA and might be moving on to bigger and better things. Hey, as long as she keeps the lights on and bills paid, we can’t come for her.

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  • WhatEVER


  • tb

    She was on ET hosting last nite too. She blowing up.

  • Big Mama


  • soulwoman

    She’ll be the next one to get a talk show.

  • Alrighty Then...

    whatever… her time is gonna be up soon. No one can stand an overly loud, ignorant, bad-wig-wearing, horseman for long, can they?

  • Aunt Viv


  • RoseoftheBayArea

    She is getting around; she will be in the Bay Area in Oct with Loni Love for a comdey show!

  • d

    atl chicks turning into hollywood b*tches


    Rock that shit, Nene!! Also she makes a better commentator than some of the hosts on “Inside Edition!”

  • SoulfulTea

    Hell, if the Kardashians got get money for doing basically NOTHING, then let Nene do her thing.

    If the industry is willing & able to pay her, more power to her. Her manager & publicist are on their grind where Nene is concerned. I’m NOT mad at her. Get it Nene!

  • WakeDaFuKUp


  • Original Black Man

    She is pathetic!! That’s real shyt!!! Making my sisters look bad!!

  • http://n Ms.fabulous

    and she look go tooo

  • SoPhilly


  • moneyinda

    She should get whatever she wants damnit. EVERYONE else is getting paid for NOTHING, why not NeNe, no matter how GHETTO she is. Maybe more exposure will get her to CLEAN up her act a little. ROCK ON!!!!!!

  • neverknow

    Represent THE A!!!

  • http://bossip martise 07

    Go NeNe it’s Yo Birthday! Go NeNe it’s Yo Birthday!! Yay NeNe!!!

  • http://bossip martise 07

    Quit HaTin!! Original Black PUNK!!!

  • honeybun

    yea she’s been hoeing i seen her on santa monica bl. with the drag queens last nite.

  • Invictus

    That chic is straight fugly. Why is she on TV?

  • So Savvy

    NeNe always looks awful! all that make up and all those (i guess) high end clothes/accessories will never do the trick. she looks like she smells a little bit too…ewwwww. never did like NeNe…Lisa is my favorite….the only one with “REAL” class.

  • Rihanna's sharp n pointy witchy fingernails took the oath

    I’m sorry to say that I’m getting sick of NeNe just a bit. The little crunchy wig is getting on my nerves. NeNe get a new style. Short hair is not for you and the color matches your skin 😦

  • http://n/a Miami

    good for her UGLY ass….

  • MsLady77

    I am not mad or upset about NeNe doing her thang. What do you think she and anyone else would do? Make the most of every opportunity you get. Understand people, When you look Like Nene and don’t really have anything else going for yourself, you do what you can, whenever you get the chance. I don’t blame her, we all would do the same thing, but she should check how she’s handling herself. Sooner than later, networks will weed out the attitude. There is a difference between DRMA & ATTITUDE, Just check yourself, Boo!

  • sassalene

    whatever… her time is gonna be up soon. No one can stand an overly loud, ignorant, bad-wig-wearing, horseman for long, can they?

    And this statement above is the dam truth. Look at Nene twin sister miss new york now where is she at again? This is very typical of how everyone wants to hang with reality stars until about three season into their shows we get tired of them and stop paying attention to them.

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