Did Anyone Realize MiMi’s Album Dropped Yesterday???

- By Bossip Staff

Mariah Carey’s new album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel dropped yesterday and it seems as though no one noticed. MiMi made an appearance at Macy’s promoting her album and new fragrance Forever.

Pop it for More Pics…

If her album flops… pretty sure hubby Nick Cannon will swoop in to buy at least 500k copies. Somebody’s marketing team is slipping.

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    So So so ohh oh

  • http://twitter.com/urbanfrugalchic Cynthia

    Loving those Stilletos- Wonder can i find those for less lol

  • http://twitter.com/urbanfrugalchic Khristal

    I am going to cop it. Leave Mrs Cannon Alone LOL



    Unemployment is not “Great”

  • Fashionized Diva

    oh damn i forgot…

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!


  • MedievalPoetry

    Yes I did. 🙂

    I love her.

  • http://deleted Yasmin

    Wow, it did??

  • http://www.myspace.com/miss_kesha Miss Kesha86

    I liked Obsessed for like a month…now I’m over it. And I’m not used to seeing Mariah with clothes on….

  • MrTavMarie

    I got the album 2 weeks ago when a friend of mine sent the limelinx link.

  • http://jummm22@verizonmail.com kisses

    That is a good CD she is talented and it will have number ones she will pass the beatles with this one so start hating

  • Alrighty Then...

    lol…. guess no one’s too “Obsessed” with you…



  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeC0MJRGTY8 =)

    love it! 🙂 definitlY 1 of the best albums this year…

  • !!!!!R.I.P MIKE!!!!!


  • jaycee

    I bought it and it is a great album, way better than her last. She really went back to her roots with this one and it sounds more grown up to me. Mariah has a built in fan base who have been salivating for this album so there are no worries about it selling believe me. Check the reviews shes been getting people love it;)

  • dayg715

    she put an album out yesterday?

  • Rock Witchu

    nope, had no idea about her album, but i did know about Madonna’s GH package.

  • B'More

    well, Whitney is back. of course nobody is checking for this chick.

  • gina

    that ‘obsessed’ crap should have told you exactly how well this album will do LOL.

  • Oh Well...

    who cares about this washed up has-been hag? shouldn’t she be home breastfeeding her baby…uhhh I mean husband???

  • Nikki88

    yup, and i went it bought it. its pretty damn good.

  • NotsoCHI

    The only reson i knew her cd came out yesterday was because she said it on Oprah….. i bought it and its realllllllly good. unlike usher, her music hasnt flopped since she got married lol

  • Sandra

    As much as I despise Mariah at times, I went ahead and bought the album. I was shocked that I absolutely loved it. One of the best albums she has put out in over ten years…including TEOM. No Hip Hop crap (with the exception of Obsessed and NO RAPPERS IN SIGHT…YES!) Smooth R&B all the way through. She just won me back as a fan.

    “well, Whitney is back. of course nobody is checking for this chick.”

    Uh…people are checking for Whitney? Not.
    If only she could do Oprah every week to pad her sales.

  • Some Advice for Mariah

    Some Advice for Mariah…

    At 40+, it’s time to elevate your style standard to elegant and settle into a classy long term Vegas residency.

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