SiriBAE Season: Kofi Siriboe Covers ESSENCE’s December Issue

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Kofi Siriboe And Maxine Waters Cover ESSENCE

It’s officially SiriBAE season. Kofi Siriboe is covering ESSENCE’s new December 2017/January 2018 double issue alongside U.S. Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

In it, Kofi speaks on his heritage, “Girls Trip” where he appeared in that infamous grapefruit scene, as well as “Jump”, the debut project he wrote, directed and starred in. Kofi was interviewed by his on-screen dad and veteran actor Glynn Turman for the cover.

On success after “Girls Trip” and the grapefruit scene:

TURMAN:“…Your popularity soared with Girls Trip which grossed more than $125 million. After my wife and I saw it and we came home, I’m watching TV and she stood in the doorway and said, ‘Try this!’ with a grapefruit in her hand. Were you surprised by how well the film performed?”

SIRIBOE: [Laughs] “I’m always surprised because you never know. I remember thinking, Ohhh, so this is the movie we’re making? Got it. We had a good time…”

On his heritage:

“In first grade I was asked ‘What’s your favorite food?’ I said, ‘Fufu,’ and everybody laughed. I also remember asking my teacher not to say my full name, Nana-Kofi [Nana means ‘son of kings’]. Last year I went to Kumasi, in Ghana, for the first time and met the king, whose real name is Nana.”

“I didn’t always understand the roots that are woven into my name, but that realization is happening now.”

In addition to covering ESSENCE, Kofi was named one of People magazine’s “Most Beautiful People.”

SiriBAE season indeed.

Hit the flip to see Auntie Maxine’s ESSENCE cover and inserts.

Michael Rowe/ESSENCE

Maxine Waters was interviewed for the cover by our political analyst bae Angela Rye about her nearly 40 years of public service and that poignant moment when she reclaimed her time from Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.


RYE: “One of your viral moments this year was when you said, ‘Reclaiming my time,’ which is something members of Congress say all the time in hearings.”

WATERS: “It’s [the] regular order of business.”

RYE: “But in that hearing, it was you up against this privileged White male secretary of the treasury who thought he could talk over the ranking member of a committee. Since you’ve reclaimed your time, so have a lot of pastors. There was even a viral a cappella gospel song, and the Women’s March named its conference Reclaiming Our Time. Did you understand the gravity of that?”

WATERS: “Well, I began to understand it after I talked with a lot of people. I met [Steven] Mnuchin long before he became secretary, and I understood him to be a cold-blooded businessperson who had a reputation for foreclosure and did not respect advocates. I think I was a little bit driven to handle him, so when I started to ask him about a letter I had sent him and he tried to filibuster me, I think it was important for me to let him know that he couldn’t get away with that…”

Michael Rowe/ESSENCE

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