Flavor Flav is Going Back to High School

- By Bossip Staff

Your boy Flavor Flav always keeps it coming. In a recent interview, he stated that he has a couple things in the works. Flav is working on another reality show, going back to high school and getting a talk show… WTF???

I’m working on a reality show and a talk show, going back to high school. I got a talk show coming, yall ain’t going to be mad at ya boy.

It seems that anyone can get a talk show these days but the good thing is that he is going back to high school. Wouldn’t be surprised if his new reality show is going to be about him getting his high school diploma. They say it’s never too late.


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    o yeah 1st!!!!

  • WTF

    LMAO get outta here

  • drenk

    I see a statutory charge in someones future! Check id’s flav dont forget!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/deevac coi

    ugh i bet all of his new ventures will be on VH1….his time has past…he’s washed up and ashy

  • soulwoman

    How can he get a talk show when he can barely talk?!? But with networks like BET and VH1 existing, the ignorant will always prevail.

  • Mikado7777777

    That’s good he’s going back to school-never too late.

  • Vonne Loca

    What is wrong with this negro? Ain’t he heard of a damn GED? Shoot, I don’t think you can even enroll into high school at that age. Smh, just don’t let none of those girls end up pregnant by this fool.

  • pfinstir

    For some, like William Drayton, it can definitely be too late. However, I must commend the man for being on his hustle. With elevendy children to support…he needs to make money somewhere. I just wish he didn’t act like a minstrel while he earned it.

  • Ha Ha Ha

    Going back???? Looks like he still in grade school. What a circus clown!

  • crazychris

    I might check it out.

  • http://myway.com ms.bitch

    Yes Mulatto mom you are right I heard the same story about him meeting Chuck D in college!!! lol..anything for money! But in all fairness Flav is an amusing character, alot more entertaining than some of these nobodies with their own shows.

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