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Eve Addresses Nicki Minaj Fans Angry Over Her Critique

Eve had a rough first day at work on “The Talk” after saying she didn’t think Nicki Minaj’s Paper Magazine cover was good, a number of Nicki fans pointed out that Eve hasn’t always been the best role model herself.

Here’s what Eve had to say in response:

She’s speaking from her perspective TODAY. Is it so hard to understand that as you grow and learn you see things a little differently than you may have when you were young and shaking it for singles?

Eve also retweeted this message from a fan.

Nicki hasn’t posted anything since Eve’s comments aired, but we thought it was interesting that in the Paper magazine interview she talks about how she stays calm even in high pressure situations and how she lets her fans handle things for her.

Oh, I keep my cool because I’m a believer and I always get the last laugh. That’s been the theme of my life. You can usually bet your bottom dollar that anytime you see something on the Internet going on with me, no matter how it looks, I’m usually behind the scenes laughing. Because I have a strong relationship with God. I’ve watched Him work miracle after miracle in my life. I’ve watched Him shut down every person who’s ever come up against me, and so it’s comical at this point ’cause I sometimes feel like, “Wow. Don’t they know how this movie’s gonna play out? Cause I definitely know how this movie’s gonna play out.” My closest friends and team members and family — we put it in God’s hands and leave it there. And we know that Nicki is always gonna have the last laugh. And Nicki is always gonna continue to be successful because I give so much to people who don’t deserve. And when you are consistently doing good for people who do not deserve your goodness, the universe has no choice but to give that back to you, tenfold.

I have a loyal fan base who never leaves. And all they do is motivate me and believe in me and fight for me. So anything that even seems negative has only made me even more of a magical unicorn. I feel this year I have never been stronger, I have all my super powers back. I’ve never felt this powerful, as a woman, as an emcee — I’ve never felt this invincible.

So there you have it. Nicki is invincible. We have a question for the Barbz though. How y’all gonna let Draya get her hoeness deleted but Eve has made GOOD movies, tv shows and gotten married and you still want to tie her to the pole and flog her?


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