She’s Gotta Have It: Married ‘Nola Darling’ Actress Talks Freaky Fringes For Cassius Cover Story

- By Bossip Staff

Photography by Keith Majo

Cassius Delves Into “New” Nola Darling For Cover Story

Nola Darling changed the way Black women explored their sexuality on-screen back in the 80’s– so we expect her Netflix adaptation to be just as free! Now, does sexual “freedom” mean bucket naked, face down and azz up on-screen for most of the series? Not at all.

She’s Gotta Have It‘s leading lady DeWanda Wise, who is the latest Cassius cover star, discusses her role with Cassius‘ Tia Brown, her freak parameters, and ensures folks that Nola Darling and the whole series will still serve up those iconic Spike Lee elements.

DeWanda, who is a real life married woman, tell Cassius how she made that work in camera.

CASSIUS: Nola Darling is known for her sexual appetite—she’s dating and intimate with several partners. But you’re married in real life. What was that conversation like?

DeWanda: We were very, very specific about what was and was not permitted. While viewers will only see the freedom of it, there’s a lot you don’t see. For example, you will never see any of my co-stars touching or fondling my boobs. There’s no frontal on the show. [My husband and I] were super specific about our love and marriage, and keeping what’s special and intimate, special and intimate. What turns me on, only Alano knows that.

Photography by Keith Majo/Cassius

On what else we can expect from the series.

CASSIUS: It’s called ‘Netflix and Chill’ for a good reason. People will likely binge watch the show. Any highlights you want us look out for?

DeWanda: The dance sequences. My favorite Spike movie is School Daze, and between the music and choreographed numbers it’s straight up entertainment. And the season finale is bananas.

DeWanda is also a looker! You can read the rest of her Cassius cover story and see the rest of her beautiful photo set HERE.

It sounds like Spike isn’t relying on “selling sex”, instead giving Netflix subscribers talented script writing and dope visuals for this one. She’s Gotta Have It will be brought to you by Netflix on November 23. Will you be watching?


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