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Eve Talks About Being Estranged From Her Father

On Friday, “The Talk” host Eve opened up about her father who was absent in her life for about 25 years.

“My dad had been in my life from the time that I was a baby up until about 12 and then I hadn’t seen him again until I was about 37,” revealed Eve. “We reconnected just at a dinner and we talked about some things and he kind of said to me, ‘there were some difficult things that were going on in my life,’ but he really didn’t go into it fully.” Eve adds that her parents had her very young, “My mother had me at 17 and he was young. When you become an adult you figure out that life isn’t what you always think it’s going be…In that way, I’ve started forgiving, but I want to have a deeper conversation with him because I know there’s more there so I can fully forgive and I’m looking forward to that moment for myself.” Sara Gilbert asks, “Do you have plans to talk to him?” Eve responds, “It’s emotional…we’ll email or we’ll text, but then I do chicken out…but even me talking about it here is opening up that door.”

If your dad walked out of your life, do you think you could forgive that and re-establish a relationship over twenty years later?



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